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Dear Netflix,

Love the subtitles, glad everything is getting them. But, if I may make a suggestion. If something is written on the screen, in the default language of the user, there is no need to subtitle it. If I can't read it in the big letters, I won't be able to read it in small yellow letters. If I *am* able to read it in the big letters, the small yellow letters are pointless.




Charlie has a habit of drawing out one syllable words. Yeh-es, No-ohw and so on. I kind of like it and wonder how long it'll last.


This is neat. It's a small mystery about an angel ornament.


I want to send out a questionaire to everyone who opposes queer marriage *and* is sure it will affect *their* marriage.

It'll only have one question. "Explain, in as many words as you like, how two people of the same sex getting married will change your marriage. Not marriage in general but your personal marriage. Please do not use religion of any kind as a reason."

Though, I really don't think I'd get any responses.


If you'd like a holiday card, please let me know. I'll be doing addresses later, but the cards are a collaboration between Sam & I, and I'm trying to figure out numbers.

Hmm...I guess a poll would be easier than keeping track of comments.

[Poll #1877841]


My head seems empty now. In closing, Jeff rocks. Not for any special reason, just 'cause he does.

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I'd love to see an answer to your question on gay marriage, but I don't think anyone could answer without bringing religion into it. And even then, it's difficult to comprehend.

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I once saw someone say that same-sex marriage would lead to anyone being able to marry anyone and thus higher insurance premiums. ... yeah.

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From the phone banking I did, people opposed to gay marriage only had fairly vague objections, like "Well, we've never seen anything like this before in society and I think we ought to move more carefully" or "I don't see why civil unions aren't enough*". Because at least we're at the point where most people who are against it are aware enough of the general social standards that they won't say "Because I don't like gay people".

So despite, as a rough estimate, something like 1,500 phone calls, I don't have an answer.

* and fairly consistently, when you pointed out that civil unions don't provide the same protections are marriage do, they'll say that then we ought to fix that, of course, and update all other other laws that would stop a civil marriage from being the same as a marriage, and basically fix all the other problems in the world first, rather than simply letting gay people be married.

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I still say, government should just get out of the "marriage" business.

Why should a civil institution provide civil recognition to anything but a civil union? What happens in the (church / temple / coven / whatever) can stay there.

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As you are well aware - because you are my daughter - I have zero bias against same sex marriage. Any two people who wish to make a life-time commitment (or what they *hope* is a life-time commitment) should have be able to sign that legal contract before friends and family. (or dash off and elope if they so choose.)

However, my try to see things from the other person's perspective gene has come to the conclusion that (excluding the deeply religious) those opposing gay marriage are probably, in fact, not at all comfortable with (to use an old school term) 'main-streaming' homosexual couples. Folks opposed are plain old freaked-out by the idea of having the newly-weds in the house next door being gay.

It doesn't change the hetero-marriage on a personal level - only the way they will be interacting with public couples.

Mankind fears change; particularly on a societal level.

(I am now gonna go eat a fun sized Snickers bar cuz my head is spinning from speaking like a grown-up. I need chocolate)

Love ya ~ Mum

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I get what you are saying here, but it isn't mankind (or as I prefer to say, humankind) that fears change. Humans are a pretty dynamic species who have actually endured and wrought a lot of change in our short tenure on this planet. Humanity has often brought to bear change so rapidly that the planet is overwhelmed by our social and technological advances (ie global warming).
Those who don't like change, historically, are the people who have social power at the expense of others. That portion of humanity always wants to maintain the status quo. They generally represent a fairly small proportion of society and they typically only maintain power by being bullies. It's the rest of us who are always agitating for change-- the right to have access to all the other stuff that is denied us. Whether that be the right to vote, the right to equal pay, the right to sit at the front of the bus or a lunch counter, or the right to marry who we want. The one thing that all these struggles have in common is that people have fought to deprive other people of rights because there is an amount of privilege attached to these rights that they don't want to distribute equally.

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My app won't Let me do the poll, so yes, I would like a card. :)