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Dear Netflix,

Love the subtitles, glad everything is getting them. But, if I may make a suggestion. If something is written on the screen, in the default language of the user, there is no need to subtitle it. If I can't read it in the big letters, I won't be able to read it in small yellow letters. If I *am* able to read it in the big letters, the small yellow letters are pointless.




Charlie has a habit of drawing out one syllable words. Yeh-es, No-ohw and so on. I kind of like it and wonder how long it'll last.


This is neat. It's a small mystery about an angel ornament.


I want to send out a questionaire to everyone who opposes queer marriage *and* is sure it will affect *their* marriage.

It'll only have one question. "Explain, in as many words as you like, how two people of the same sex getting married will change your marriage. Not marriage in general but your personal marriage. Please do not use religion of any kind as a reason."

Though, I really don't think I'd get any responses.


If you'd like a holiday card, please let me know. I'll be doing addresses later, but the cards are a collaboration between Sam & I, and I'm trying to figure out numbers.

Hmm...I guess a poll would be easier than keeping track of comments.

[Poll #1877841]


My head seems empty now. In closing, Jeff rocks. Not for any special reason, just 'cause he does.

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