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Thanksgiving dinner is ready. The lasagne looks and smells amazing.

We're also having a salad and will be following up with a pecan tart.

I'm so proud of myself for pulling this off that it borders on the sad. *grin*

Hope your day was/is happy, whatever's going on.

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That looks de-lic-ious! I think the idea of doing something different for Thanksgiving is so much fun. :-)

Your pecan tart? Just pack that up and ship it down here. I'll give it a good home. LOL


We're still cooking. Dinner was supposed to have been around 7, but a 3 hour nap snuck up on us.

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*flails and drools*

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That lasagna is so gorgeous, you have made me hungry! I would have sworn that wasn't possible. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
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I was just thinking much the same full as I am, my mouth is still watering.

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. . . waitaminute. Somehow, I never realized you live in WV.

-waves from Barboursville-

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Those are gorgeous photos of true epicurian delights. Your family is so lucky to have you as chief cook & bottle washer.

Love ya ~ Mum
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