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Reading Rainbow, Remixed.


Fleetwood Mac to launch world tour in April.


Dear Quiznos,

You are *not* introducing soup to your menu. You are bringing *back* soup. I know, 'cause I was bummed when you stopped making it.


The chick who knows exactly what she's getting next time we go to Quiznos


It's Looo-ooog, it's Loooo-oog, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood. It's Looo-ooog, it's Loooo-oog, it's better than bad , it's the hero that released the sun.


12 New Books Brought to You By Penguin-Random.

A couple actually made me snort.


I've just found out about the Glasswing Butterfly. *WOW*. So lovely. Amazing as well.


Netflix & Disney have come to an agreement that gives Netflix access to scads (yes, *scads*) of Disney-owned films and shows...and they've already started adding things . Like Alice in Wonderland, three Tinkerbell movies (Charlie will be pleased), Dumbo and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Which is why I'm watching Nightmare right now and, since it's me, might watch it again later. *Grin*


Dear sinuses,

I don't care if you get so incredibly full of goo that you *explode*. I have *things* to do and a cake to bake and stuff to wrap and a little girl to take to Chuckie Cheese and I *will do these things*. So stopppppppp it already.


The chick who would prefer no 'splosions


Oh yeah. We went to see Rise of the Guardians at the drive-in, along with a second viewing of Paper Man & Wreck-It Ralph.

I didn't expect much of Guardians, but was pleasantly surprised. We all *really* liked it. It was creepy in places, but not too scary for Charlie, it kept Sam's attentin and Jeff and I were very pleased with the story. I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Had a blast with Paper Man and Ralph the second time around. Looking forward to that dvd.

And now, the drive-in is closed for the season. It'll be weird to see one movie at a time with the kids. *grin*

Sam and I will be dipping our toes in by seeing The Hobbit. When she was tiny, I had hope there *would* be a Hobbit movie to take her pleased that worked out.


"Almost no people have heard of {subject} and don't know what to think abou it".
... Um. Well. If they've never heard of it, I don't think they'd think anything, really.

Yeah, I know what he was getting at, but words *mean things*. Jeeze.



Gotta get the birdseed this weekend or the cardinal mafia is coming for me. There's one that keeps staring at me through the window. I'd say it looks pissed, but they kind of always look like that.

Female cardinals are so lovely...they're buff and orange and red, but they don't get on the holiday cards, poor things. I would show you pictures of the one who likes ot perch on the tomato stakes, but she knows when I pick up the camera, even if she's looking in a completely different direction. It's like maaaaaaagic. *grin*


Mexico's Supreme Court has ruled that a law in southern Oaxaca state that bans same-sex marriages is unconstitutional, paving the way for same-sex couples to marry in that state and possibly in the rest of Mexico.

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