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myschyf ([personal profile] myschyf) wrote2012-12-10 01:06 pm

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The best answers to come out of Ian McKellan's takover of The Hobbit twitter feed.


New NASA Images Show The Earth's Electric Light Show.


Trailer for Oblivion, new Tom Cruise sci-fi movie.

Intriguing. I *think* I have some things figured out, but I hope it's cut in a way on purpose to make me think I know what's going on. As always, this could just be a well cut trailer and the movie's crap...but I'm intrigued.


Journeys in Self Acceptance. I love this video.


Guess what? Hippo butt(s).


I am Tin Man.

No, not *me*. Him.


Worst Marketing Decision Ever: Drycleaner Puts "Pro-life" Message on Their Hangers.


Yeah. I got nothin'.


I still can't believe that Charlie is four today. Time is a weird thing.

There will be a full report tomorrow and pictures of the festivities sometime before she's five. *grin*

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