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Pieke Bergman's playful street lights.


I feel like I've done nothing today, which is actually ridiculous. I colored my hair, wrote to my aunt (on paper. With a *pen*. And no spell-check.), read to Charlie, helped Sam remember her chores and figured out what we're having for dinner. Sam's working on the kitchen and then I'll actually go start it. I also need to finish work on the Holiday card, as I am a procrastiny procrastinator. I am 85% done though. And Valentine's day is a Winter Holiday...:D


I adore this image.


Night of the Living Redshirts.

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Awww! the scenes thru time, too sweet.
Redshirts is funny, too. Overdue, really.

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Pat Kight was doing something similar on G+ with "Photos from the Past" and I saw someone else on Flickr, IIRR, where they hold up the photos and match them to the current scene.

The drawing is lots more interesting. Thank you.