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It lives!


Baby turtle vs. tomato.


Wow. You can download L.A. Story, A Room w/a View, Blazing Saddles, Hedwig and the Angry Inch & Moonstruck from Apparently, they were picked just for me. I enjoy every one of them. Moonstruck & L.A. Story are among my very favorites.


Octopus using coconut shells to hide from predators.


The Irish government has decided to repeal legislation that makes abortion a criminal act and to introduce regulations setting out when doctors can perform an abortion when a woman’s life is regarded as being at risk, including by suicide.

Well, it's about time.


Sergey Bobkov's wood chip sculptures are truly amazing.


Jeff bought a Red Ryder bb gun (sadly, it doesn't have a compass in the stock) and it's far too much fun. So, now it's time to go take down those wiley soda cans. Luckily, we have a gazillion bbs, 'cause my aim sucks.

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