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Happy Solstice!! We made it through the dark once again. Even though we won't be able to really tell for a while, each day will be slightly longer and we'll have a little more sunlight. And one day, we'll have full sun again.

To my dear friends on the other side of the planet, I have faith that you will make it through the dark and come out the other side too.

I truly love each and every one of you, no matter where you reside. Even in my darkest times, you make things a bit brighter. Thank you for sharing your lives with me.


Giant Robots Around the World.


Oh no! Grumpy Cat stole Christmas!


Tank slippers to crochet.


Back to the Future Legos!


It has been snowing for hours, and not sticking at *all*. Very frustrating for a certain twelve year old. Though, that did lead to a good conversation about why the snow isn't sticking and why it will accumulate on the grass first, then the sidewalk, then the road. Science! :D


I am*So* proud of my self. I figured out a solution to the Holiday Card problem (as in, how to get them printed without selling a kidney). Yay. :) It'll be a little more fiddly than I expected, but it will *work* and that's what counts.


Kevin Bacon.


The Land O'Calrissian.

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Hmmm... and I do know how to crochet.

That Kevin Bacon disturbs me.
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Wait, she's twelve; this means we have officially passed a decade as friends! (Yes, I should have realized this at her birthday. I am slow this year apparently.)

Love you!
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Thank you for sharing your life and wonderfulness with us! \o/

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i love grumpy cat :)

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happy solstice to you, and thank you for being my friend :)