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Rashad Alakbarov paints with shadows and light.

Dude. Truly amazing.

Scroll down for some more really cool stuff. I've seen some of them, but not all.


Photos from Popular Movie Scenes Held Up in Front of Real World Location.


Addicted to White Collar. Not too many plotholes, great characters and interesting stories. Just starting Season Two.

Another fandom, that's all I need. *grin*


John Scalzi has some very smart things to say about one's attitude toward transgender people. I came to his philosophy myself and try to apply it to everyone. More joy, less sorrow. Pass it on. :D


Planning a NYE feast with a home-made veggie tray, dips, brie en croute and something else I just can't remember right now. There will be Doctor Who, there might be My Little Pony, I'm hoping there will be Brave.

Can't let the day go by without this song. It's a tradition. Every year, after the ball dropped, there would be Barry.

And it took me ages to realize that this song that talks about NYE should probably have been played *before* NYD. Oh well. They probably wouldn't have listened to me anyway. *grin*

Sam and I have been talking about how time is arbitrary and it's NYE because we agree on it. But we decided we still like it.

I hope you each have a wonderful day and a wonderful new year. I hope this year brings you much of what you want and little of what you don't.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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