Jan. 27th, 2012

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I'm so baaaaaad at Lj/Dw these days. Reading a lot, *thinking* a lot, but the fingers just don't get the keyboard as often as I'd like. So, if you wrote and you were wondering why I didn't comment, I totally might have, in my head. And I do promise to do my best to actually *write* comments as well as think them. :)


Charlie is sometimes a baby panda named Eeepie-Eeepie who can only say "Eeepie!". She is sometimes an unnamed puppy ("Baybee Puhppe" she corrects. That's a description, not a name) who can only say woof, but that's not nearly as cute.;)


There was a treadmill at Goodwill, and I thought about getting it, but I'm not sure we could fit it in the van. And if we had, I'm not sure where we'd put it in the *house*. It's just one of those gigantic things. I'm hoping for something foldable. Maybe not even electric. I'm sure I'll find something on Craigslist.


Dear Newt,

It's not that you had an open marriage that's the problem. As long as everyone's aware and agreeable, have as many people as you like in your marriage.

The problem is that you've been running around for years going "Marrrrrrage is one man and one woman, period, nobody else, never, ever, EVER." And now. like so many of your brethren who make such statements, you've been found out to be lying.

Sure, a lot of people will just ignore it, given that you were in a relationship with two women, so the one penis per ratio was preserved. But, there will be people who will think something along the lines of "Well, if he lied about that, what else is he lying about?".

Doesn't really matter to me. I wouldn't vote for you if you were up against C'thulu or Zombie Nixon.




Absolutely Anything, based on a script that Terry Jones has been developing with Gavin Scott for two decades, may actually see production this spring. It tells the story of a few aliens and one human and, according to Variety, all those aliens are going to be voiced by the remaining living members of Monty Python, in a group venture the likes of which hasn’t been seen since 1998..


The past few days have been sorta sucky. Not completely, but there's a high pressure system passing over, thus my right arm is angry and my head hurts. My stomach decided to join in on the fun and they all had a jamboree which is (hopefully) mostly over now. Thus, y'all get this entry, now with fewer links. We'll try again on Monday. *Grin* Love you all (truly) and hope your weekends are lovely. I will hopefully be taking Sam to see Hugo (in 3-d, which I've heard, for this movie, is really cool). She doesn't know. So if you hear a loud noise that sounds something like "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" around four on Saturday, that might be her.


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