Feb. 17th, 2012

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Dear Hollywood,

Yeah. Totally. What the world needs now is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. Why didn't you think of that sooner?




You can listen to Sinead O'Connor's new album in its entirety at NPR. I'm about halfway through and am in love. Can't wait till it's released so I can buy it and stick it on my ipod and listen to it over and over and over and over again.

I may be a little obsessive...


Grumpy and burned out lately. Everywhere I turn, it seems I'm being told I'm not and never will be recognized as a full citizen of this country. It's making me heartsick, it really is.

Birth control pills have been widely available since the early sixties...Roe V. Wade was decided January of 1973. How are we still arguing about this? I don't *care* if you don't "believe" in abortion or birth control. What goes on in my uterus is none of your damned business unless I choose to share. If you're a business and one of the benefits is health insurance, you should not know how I use that health insurance. If I need a colonoscopy, I doubt I'd discuss it at work...same if I need a pelvic exam or an abortion. None of these things should be anyone else's dammned business. Which is what the Supreme Court said damned near *FOUR DECADES* ago.

And then there's religious freedom, which a lot of people take to mean "Freedom to force my religion into everything". If you're trying to make or keep something secular, apparently that's religious persecution. These people must be fun to order pizza with. "But, I don't like hot peppers on my pizza. Can you please keep it on yours?" "PERSECUUUUUUUUUTION!" Bleah.

No, not all religious people are like that. Not all anything is like anything. But, enough of them are that I worry...a lot. And I know, a lot of them are truly trying to save my soul. I don't care. Leave my soul alone and worry about your own.

Don't even get me started on queer rights.

The thing is, I can't not know. I don't want to be uninformed, and too many people I know and love are concerned about these things as well, so we talk about them. We should talk about them. But it's weighing me down. I don't know what to do. I'm not actually sure there's anything to do.

It's February. Maybe once we get through that, the pressure will let up a bit.


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