Feb. 20th, 2012

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Dave Grohl? Yeah, I big puffy heart him.


"Sammy, you like my pony-tail?"
"Yes, you look like Mozart."
"Noooo, I look like me."


I adore my husband *so* much. He had to go to Annapolis on Friday to get copies of our marriage certificate and Sam's birth certificate. There were people outside the courthouse protesting against legalizing queer marriage. One of them was being pompous through a bullhorn. "When traditional marriage is allowed, society will fail" or something.

And Jeff replied, loudly "When fall the banks of England, England falls!" I don't think they got it.


"Yep, They’re Still Making a Post-Apocalyptic Zorro, Now With Casting News".


Woo! New Bonnie Raitt album out in April.


I stopped believing in food expiration dates when I picked up my salt grinder and realized that *it* had an expiration date. Salt! Salt doesn't go bad, because (prepare yourself, I'm going to blow your minds) rocks don't spoil!

After that, I went around and checked a bunch of other stuff and can report that rubbing alcohol? Has an expiration date. Aren't salt and rubbing alcohol stuff that things get *Preserved* in? Though, not together.


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