Mar. 15th, 2012

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That time that J.R.R. Tolkien told off the Third Reich.


Berndnaut Smilde's cloud creations within rooms are simply magical! The Amsterdam-based artist was able to achieve this with the combination of smoke, moisture, and dramatic lighting.

The explination is very interesting, but it's the pictures that are the cool.


Very interesting. What "Mastered for iTunes" really means.


Via [personal profile] jenny_evergreen, [personal profile] ar_wahan is raising funds for a new library in her town. How cool is that?


I kind of just want a container of Pfft clips.


This horse body suit (for, not of a horse) is undoubtedly nifty and helps horses with injuries recover faster.

But I just really wanna see them put one on the horse. I mean, I have trouble getting a three year old into pants some days...maybe I could get tips.


So, sleep has become a problem again. The Melatonin makes me drowsy after thirtyish minutes, but I can only actually get to sleep the first time maybe every third day or so. Feh.

My current "working on it" is trying to stick to a schedule for going to bed. So far, it's not going so well, but I'll get there.


Uteri of the Internet Unite! Women Leave “Vagina Updates” on Virginia State Senator’s Facebook Page.

Love this. Hey Senator, you're so interested in what's going on in my reproductive organs, I'll make sure you're up to date.

Oddly, he took them all down and now only he can post on his facebook page. Guess he wasn't as interested as we thought...maybe he's more interested in controlling women rather than what's actually going on in our bodies.

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Warning. The following link made me cry, made me mad and made me want to deck someone while simultaneously holding and comforting the woman in the story. It's not your daily pug or happy little tree. I'll get back to those.

Dear Texas and all other states that require an ultrasound and/or a doctor to tell a woman getting an abortion exactly what she's doing,

You are evil for doing this. It is horrible and wrong

You don't think we *know* what we're doing? We all know, we all have our reasons and none of us is there to get our tenth abortion free.

Sometimes, we do this because the fetus we're carrying will have either no life or one full of pain.

You have no right to tell us we have to bring babies into this world to die or suffer. You don't have the right to make that choice. These children come from our bodies and we have the inalianble right to make these decisions for them while they are in our bodies. And, frankly, till they grow up. If they're so sick they need to be taken off life support, we are the ones who make that choice. We are the ones in the NICU, we are the ones rushing them to the hospitals, we are the ones giving them care. You are not.

You do not have the right to tell us we don't know what we're doing. You do not have the right to tell us we're wrong for having an abortion nor do you have the right to tell us we're wrong for carrying to term. You don't have to live our lives, you don't get to make our decisions.

You talk of morals. Piling pain upon pain is not a moral thing. Telling a woman she does not have the right to her body because of *your* beliefs is *not* a moral thing.

As other women have said, now you got us mad. And when we're mad, we get things done. I hope you politicians have something to fall back on when we vote you out. Actually, I truly couldn't care less.

Angrily, and in complete control of her facilities,


{Don't try to engage me in a discussion about how fathers have these rights too. Yeah, I know. The laws are on our bodies, not theirs.}


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