Apr. 19th, 2012

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Sam's such a fangirl. *grin*
District 2-20120419-00170.jpg

myschyf: ('Ello)
Sam's such a fangirl. *grin*
District 2-20120419-00170.jpg

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So, guess who's got internets again? :D

My computer and desk are here at the house. The only casualty was the USB hub...apparently that *wasn't* the power cord I plugged into it. The magic smoke came out and everything. But, the things plugged into it were fine, which is nice. :)

When we started looking for a new place, we made a list of wants and needs. One of my major wants was a room of my own. I didn't think I'd have one in this house, but there was so much here that we all absolutely loved that it seemed a small thing to give up. But, now I have a room of my own. It used to be the entryway, but it's huge, has six windows *and* a door with a screen door, so I'll have loads of fresh air and light. It doesn't have a door to shut it off from the rest of the house, but it has a gorgeous archway that I'm probably going to put a curtain in. Or just draw a door with tape, like Les Nessman. I'm not exactly sure why the room is here...an entryway doesn't need to be this large, and there's an entryway with a chandelier where the front door opens (there are four doors that open to the outside world on the first floor. Six if you count the doors in the green room, but that's very nearly outside on it's own, so I may need a judge to call that one). I have a lot of wonders about this house...it's definitely unlike any other I've seen.

My studio is a long room, about six feet wide. There's more than enough space for a couple of book cases and loads of storage drawers for my craft supplies, as well as a place for my sewing machine. Since I've got so much room for bookcases in the rest of the house, I'm contemplating sacrificing one in here and putting my wing chair in that corner instead. The idea of my own reading nook is a lovely one.

One of the reasons I was so keen on moving here is 'cause it's so gorgeous (our place backs up to a national park) and that would encourage me to get outside at least once a day to soak up the sun and play with the kids. I've done that every day but yesterday, when it was cold and rainy. Though, I may send them outside next time, 'cause the bickering and whining quotient was quite high. We had a lovely time today though. It was breezy, warm and just lovely.

One of the big reasons we moved was 'cause Charlie needed her own room. But, in an interesting turn of events the girls are sharing a room. There's a bedroom on the first floor and three on the second. Jeff and I are very not comfortable having the girls upstairs and us down. Maybe if it was just Sam, but Charlie's too young. The upstairs bedrooms are medium, slightly larger medium and small. Sam did not like the idea of sleeping in the small room, so I proposed that she and Charlie share the medium room and use the small room as a playroom. So far, it's worked out *really* well. I was expecting Charlie to have transition issues, but she really hasn't. She's claimed she's going to " 'leep in MamaDaddy room tonight" a couple times, but was fine when reminded that she had her *own* room and "big kid bed".

I was surprised that Sam took to the idea...I figured she'd lobby for the medium room and reason that since her sister was smaller, her room should be the smaller one. But she has been really enthusiastic about the whole thing. So far, very good. :)

And now, I go start dinner, then fold/hang two huge bins of laundry. Then? I wash more laundry. It's like some never-ending cycle or something...


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