May. 29th, 2012

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I really wish this one *was* true..


[...]he mentioned that the editorial department at Pixar had a bit of fun by taking a reference model of M-O over to the Sears Portrait Studio where warm family memories are preserved forever, um … tasteful flair?

This may be my favorite thing *ever*.


Why the Smiths let their daughter cut her hair.

Pretty much the same answer I'd give...'cause it's *her* hair. Love the quote Will gives.


WOW. Burton Olivier, a hardcore fan of novelist and comic book writer Neil Gaiman, wanted a special tattoo to cover his back. So he asked Gaiman to design one. The author agreed if Olivier would make a contribution to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

An image of the tattoo and the poem in text are at the link. So much gorgeous.


I love you all. I love reading what you're up to and sharing what's going on with me/us. I wanted to make sure you knew how much you were valued.


[...]Anthony told his mother that superheroes don't wear hearing aids. His mother decided to look to Marvel Comics for some assistance. She e-mailed the comic empire known for its popular superheroes like Spider-man and the Avengers, looking for examples of superheroes who suffer from hearing loss.

Marvel responded with the image of a superhero known as Hawkeye, a superhero who lost 80-percent of his hearing and wears hearing aids.[...]


Why do recipe writers lie and lie and lie about how long it takes to carmelize onions?


On the bad side, I set my nachos on fire. On the good side, I only burned the nachos, not the house down. And I had more stuff to make more nachos. I call it a win. :D


I would have posted this earlier, but there was one hell of a thunderstorm and the power went out. The children were very "What do we do now?" and I was very "Dude, you each have a thousand books and two thousand toys. I'm sure you can figure it out."

Charlie did...Sam was still kind of moany when the power returned. Oh well. I'm mean and had them sort things for Goodwill instead of running back to the tv. Sam won't admit it, but she has fun doing that. Shh, don't tell. ;) (Yes Sam, I know you read this. So there. :p )


I've edited this three times now. I think I'm done. Jeeze.


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