Jun. 8th, 2012

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Denmark approves gay marriage. Woo!


We went to the drive-in to see MiB3 and the Avengers. No spoilers, so no cut. :)

I've been looking forward to MiB3 for quite a while and I wasn't disappointed. There was more humor in MiB2, but the story in this one was *so* good. Though, I missed Frank. I'm glad we watched it and will definitely be adding the dvd to the collection, and not just 'cause I'm a completest. :)

Trailer for Brave between the movies. We are *all* looking forward to this one. We're going to see it on opening weekend at the drive-in and then in an indoor theatre a week or three later.

We saw the Avengers a couple weeks ago and I loved it. Love it even more with a second viewing.


Dear Search Engine,

My only term was "sleeveless". At least half the returns have sleeves.

You might want to look into that.



How is it that I have no cornmeal? I have cornmeal baking mix, I have corn*starch*, I even have corn flour, but no actual cornmeal. That's so weird.


Chipmunk! Again! *grin*

I finally made hummingbird food and filled the feeders. I hope they're as successful as my bird feeder. :) Even if they're not, making the nectar finally reminded me to fill a squeeze bottle for Jeff (who, btw, isn't a hummingbird) so he could make the fridge tea into sweet tea.


’70s hitmaker Paul Williams on having his songs sung by The Carpenters and The Muppets .


Cinderella comes out on Blu-ray in October. Don't tell Charlie...not only is it a surprise, she'll ask about it every day till then.


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