Jun. 18th, 2012

myschyf: (Sleepy Bugs)
Really enjoying Spoilers w/Kevin Smith.


Tennant and Piper to be "re-united" in BBC's "True Love". (Quotes are mine. Apparently, they're not in the same episode. But any David Tennant is happy-making.)


Raging Bull II is currently filming.

Because *that* needed to happen...


Aw, c'mon. Lemme innnnnnnnnn.


Sam's been sick since Saturday. I'm kind of *tired* of this, especially since it seems to be a flu rather than a cold. Charlie seemed to enjoy us lounging around in the living room this weekend, and so far she hasn't been ill at all. I hope she ducks it.

Sam seems better, as does Jeff. I still feel achy and blah, but maybe better than yesterday? Gonna go sleep again...at least this isn't a horridly coughy cold/flu, so I can lay down and don't have to prop everyone up to sleep. That whole sleep schedule thing has been trashed. I was just getting us to a good place, too. Bah. Bah, I say.


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