Jun. 22nd, 2012

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Poor Charlie. Her main flu symptom is swollen/leaky eyelids. I know it's just from the flu, hell I've *had* that before (currently, my eyes aren't swollen, just itchy), but it looks so terrible, especially in her tiny face. We're gently wiping her eyes as needed, and doing warm compresses when she lets us. Which is more often than I'd expected. I think it feels so good that she doesn't have the immidate "Run awaaaaaaaaay" response. I'm going to do chamomile compresses today. Or tomorrow...this all depends on if we actually have chamomile. I have a *lot* of tea, but I can't remember if I have that or not.

I am trying to be happy and upbeat, especially for the kids, but I am miserable. Especially since my ears keep going from partially clogged to so clogged I can hear echos in my head. Bah to *all* of it.

This means we don't have to have colds/flu this winter, right? Right?



A lovely Wendy & Brian Froud.


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