Jun. 27th, 2012

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Linkin Park cover Rolling in the Deep.

It just *works*


Facebook just changed your default address without your consent. Here's how to opt out.

I had to redo it...double check everything. They're sneaky. (*insert rant here abt facebook and their policies* *insert part about having people there that are nowhere else and not wanting to lose them*)


Dude. Every time I think I couldn't love Jay Smooth more, he goes and makes a video like this.


How Merida was developed.

I can't wait to see Brave. I've been saying that since I saw the first preview a coupleish years ago. Bein' sick for the premier sucked. But, we'll either go this weekend or next and a wonderful time will be had by all. :)


Do you ever spell bologna without thinking of the jingle?


Jerry Sandusky trial: the verdict.

I wanted the trial to be over, of course, and was thrilled to drive home Saturday morning, navigating the Ridge and Valley Province through central Pennsylvania with its postcard scenery and mountaintop windmills, and rolling back to the District to my ordinary brick house and my family and my thirsty garden. But all weekend I couldn’t shake the trial out of my head, so here are a few more supplementary observations


I will be posting the Mr. Burns story tomorrow. I'm making progress w/laundry and life, but I feel like I'm moving through molasses. But hey, at least I'm moving. :)


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