Jul. 5th, 2012

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Reel Big Fish cover The Promise.


Avengers in Fifteen Minutes.


Jeff Beck - Bad Romance.


Three dollars in mp3 credits at Amazon. The credit expires on the twelfth.


Rain stopped not long after I posted, thunder and lightning lasted far longer. We watched some fireworks from the front porch. The people shooting them off are behind the mountains, so we could sometimes see light and sometimes see the actual fireworks. It was really cool. We tried to figure out where they were, but it was pretty tough. One day, we'll figure it out. Well, Jeff will...he's amazing with maps and things like that.

We finally decided that, since we hadn't *seen* lightning (just the light from it) in some time, it was safe to do the fireworks. Jeff and Sam set off the big ones (bottle rockets and roman candles. It still kind of weirds me out that we can legally buy and set off stuff like that. Being from California will do that to one. :D ) while Charlie and I played with sparklers and went "OOOh, ahhh". I also got a few *very* good images of the roman candles. One day I may even get around to putting them up.

Jeff also got a bag of assorted things that are light and noise. Sam and I set those off while Jeff and Charlie played with the sparklers and went "Oooh, ahh". *Grin*

Charlie *really* wanted to set some off, but there was no universe in which that felt safe. She was upset that Sam got to set them off, but I explained that Sam was far older than she was, and when she was older, she could help set off the fireworks as well. She seemed to accept that, which is good, 'cause that's the only explanation I've got.

Eventually, Charlie looked at me and said "Dis fiahwok show ovah now?". She and I came in while Sam and Jeff stayed out to light a few more and tidy up they best they could in the dark. I unrolled Charlie's nap mat and she went *right* to sleep on the floor of my studio. And thus, the fourth was over for another year.


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