Jul. 23rd, 2012

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Craig Fergueson explains why everything sucks.


Neo Hides from Lumbergh.


Great story on Not Always Right.


Solar powered 3d glass printer.

The future, I believe it has arrived. Not just the 3d printer, which is insanely cool. But the fact that it uses sun and sand as the basic ingredients.

Imagine if people in the Middle East and sandy parts of Africa used this to print 3d building blocks for massive dome colonies for use around the world. A renewable energy source to create building materials from sand, an abundant material.

Imagine a Mars rover creating colonies for us straight from the Martian sands. Because it is a 3d printer, it uses´╗┐ a computer to create complex rough and unique shapes.


Major trigger warnings. This article made me cry, a lot. But I'm glad I read it. And I will be donating to the group.

Bikers Against Child Abuse make abuse victims feel safe.

BACA International.


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