Jul. 31st, 2012

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It's not about chicken.


Once again, it's proven that giving queer people equal rights is profitable. Maybe we can be full citizens *now*.


Dear people, Americans in particular,

Yes, you may have freedom of speech. What you don't have is freedom from consequences of that speech.

That means, if you say something bigoted and get called on it, nobody is censoring you.

That means, if you say something that's wrong and are corrected, nobody is censoring you.

That means, if you're attempting to sell a product and say something that offends me, me not buying your product isn't censorship.

Get *over* yourselves. You seem to forget that you're not the only one with the privilege to say what you like.

*eyerolls and no kisses*



Via [personal profile] darthgeek, How We Would Cast a Neil Gaiman Biopic.


Oooh. Headache right between the eyes. If it would just rain already...I'd glower at the clouds, but that would make my head hurt...


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