Aug. 15th, 2012

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Awwww. Harry Harrison died. I was reading a Stainless Steel Rat short story not two days ago. He'll be missed.


I was looking for something in the archives of my journal and ended up rereading a *lot*. Damn but I miss some of the people who don't write here any longer (especially the ones who didn't leave a forwarding address) and am grateful for all of you who've stayed.

But, that's not why I'm writing this. In my reading, I was once again reminded that the DC Children's Museum closed in 2004, bumming Sam out mightily. I googled and found out that it is now called the National Children's Museum, is located in Fort Washington, MD and will be opening in two parts, one this winter and one next Spring. Very interesting...

Also, they're partnering with Sesame Workshop, so there goes any chance of us *not* going. *grin*


Still don't know how much wood a woodchuck would chuck, 'cause I haven't seen the one who hangs around chuck *any*. But sie certainly likes grass. Munched around the lawn for twenty minutes today.


I love this design.


Stan Lee did an Iama at Reddit.


I would like to write about me again, but I really don't feel there's much to write. The multiple-week cold in June sent me reeling (realing? That can't be right.) It threw off *everything* including our sleep schedules. I'm still trying to get us on an even keel and it's frickin' tough. I've had a depression dip, and am working on that. Charlie seems to be a bit less volatile...reading about her sister at her age was helpful, if a little disheartening. Sure, *that's* a way they're practically identical. Wheeeeeeeee.

Good things are happening too. We've joined a CSA and I've learned that blanched Swiss chard doesn't really like being in pasta salad... Also, every description of blanching I've seen uses the word "plunge". I'm *not* going to be plunging anything into boiling water. I'll pour, I'll drop (from an inch above the pot), I'l scatter and I'll lower, but I'm not plunging.

Made up a really good pasta salad though...the dressing is mayo, mustard and Italian dressing. I could totally make my own Italian dressing, but I never remember to.

Sam is doing *very* well. Writing a lot, reading a lot, spending a lot of time talking to her friends on her ipod. I also make her go outside every once in a while. *grin*

My herbs on the windowsill started out well but apparently decided they didn't like it out here. So, we got some herb plants and I'll go from there. It feels kind of like cheating, but I'm not keeping score so I don't really care.

Jeff and my thirteenth wedding /fourteenth relationship anniversary is in a month and we actually found something to do! *grin* We've been talking about taking the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad for a while and I finally remembered to check dates. Our anniversary falls on a Saturday this year and that's also the Frostburg, PA MD Bicentennial celebration (of course it's wouldn't make any sense if it wasn't, would it?). There will be a parade and everything. So, we're doing that...going first class and all. Fancy! *grin*


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