Aug. 17th, 2012

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Well, I guess I'll have to give the new Green Arrow series a try...


Bo Diddly. On a scooter.


In This Surprises Nobody News, Pat Robertson? Still an asshole.


"Mama, you rea' me Llama Llama {garbled}"
"After you eat. ... Wait...Llama Llama and President Obama?"
"Noooo, Llama Llama *{garbled}*"
"Oh, holiday drama?"

Darn it, I thought she knew something I didn't. *grin*


Baby Got Back, sung by the movies.


Ah, my right arm from the elbow down and my left arm from shoulder to fingertips ache. I guess that thunderstorm *is* on the way.


Now that we have the reservations, I can start squeeing.

We've been planning on going back to Disney World since we *left* last July. Lots of things have gotten in the way...but now we're all set to go in January. It's least expensive then.

We're taking the car train, which will be *interesting* and fun. We're going to stay at the Art of Animation hotel, 'cause I really, really want to. We're also going to do a day at the Kennedy Space Center. It's like bubble *have* to. *Grin* I'm very excited, even if it is months away.

I like that Disney has a payment plan...they know us too well. ;)


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