Aug. 28th, 2012

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This is the best place for stargazing I've ever lived in. On clear nights, it feels like you can see everything in the universe. That if you just relax and keep looking up, it will all come into focus eventually.

Standing under that star filled sky makes me feel small, but in a very good way.


Dude. This is messed up.

The catch he found is that Rhode Island doesn't specifically state that you have to have some kind of relationship with a person in order to insure their life. And during the latest economic boom, insurance companies were very eager to sell policies. So Caramadre sold variable annuities to investors, tagged the attached life insurance policy on someone else who was close to death, and made himself and/or his investors the beneficiary of their insurance policy.

I'll bet the law/s in Rhode Island are soon changed so you *must* have a relationship with the insured.


Bic Cristal For Her.

Why did they wait so long?! I'm so grateful they made a pen for my tiny female hands. Now I can stop using those big, burly man pens! They bruise me so.

The reviews are fabulous.


Ah, the joys of cooperation.


Charlie has developed the habit of coming up to one of us and asking "What time it is?" then, when we respond, thanking us and walking away. I don't know what she's waiting for...maybe she's got a bus to catch. *Grin*


Avoid Mosquito Bites after Isaac, Health Officials Say.

Well. I try to avoid mosquito bites at all times. It doesn't *work* (though, the bug zapper certainly helps) but really, they come to me. So the health officials should speak to the mosquitoes...


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