Sep. 12th, 2012

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Apparently, the weather has decided to align itself to the calendar and it's autumn now. Oookay then. I guess it won't listen to me when I tell it there are almost two more weeks of summer left, huh?


Look out! It's a Tea Rex!.


Google Removes 'Bisexual' From Its List of Dirty Words.

Well, it's about time! Jeeze.


To the people who keep saying there's no difference between Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney I say Bullshit.

President Obama is the candidate who sees me and mine as human beings. Mitt Romney is the one who didn't know gay people had families.

Those little distinctions make a difference.


Woke up with a headache. And the loudest three year old in the tri-state area. Oh, goody for me.

But, the girls are actually delightful (Charlie's wearing Sam's Coraline wig...freakin' adorable), it's a truly gorgeous day and I'm going to be making fried green tomatoes for dinner, with tomatoes I grew my very own self. Well, okay. The plant did most of the work. But I helped!

The tomatoes are growing, but not ripening, so I figure I need to pick some. I've made fried green tomatoes before, for my Auntie Ellen. So very long ago. I remember them being's hoping. :)


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