Sep. 24th, 2012

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I feel like Mr. Banks (from Mary Poppins). "Weather, *now* it is autumn". :D


Ariadne and the Science, #2.


Yesterday, we took the girls to Alamo Drafthouse to see Finding Nemo in 3d. We got there just as the previews started, so had to sit in the front row. But it worked out, 'cause when Charlie had to go to the bathroom, she could walk under the tall table and just be out. Jeff had to go the usual way. *grin*

Both girls had a great time, and Charlie kept her glasses on for at least half the film. She wasn't as surprised by eating lunch in the theatre as I expected. But then, she's been going to drive-ins her entire life and having dinner while we watched stuff. She did eat 3/4 of her sandwich and a bunch of popcorn. I ate *all* my hot dog (had tomatoes on. I love tomatoes on a hot dog), most of my fries and a bunch of popcorn. *Grin*

Sam was complaining that we don't let her see horror films. Even I wasn't seeing horror films at her age. Or maybe that's when I started. Though, what I was watching at the time were badly made seventies horror films that were mostly spooky rather than *scary*. Either way, she's not seeing the current round of torture porn. Honestly, the kid likes spooky stuff, but she's not actually into horror...she really likes gothy images and seems to think that this translates to "loves horror".

So, I'm going to start her on violent sci-fi movies...all the ones I haven't been showing her 'cause she hides her face during most screen violence. And if she wants more, we'll go from there.

She's still truly freaked out by Doctor Who's weeping angels...I don't think she's ready for Freddy yet.


Went to bed fine. Woke with a headache. Went back to sleep, woke with a headache, etc. I think it's going to be with me for a while. *grumble*


Finished the butterfly on Sam's bag and cut out the pieces for the fish last night. Now to piece and bead it. I'm happy with the progress I'm making.

Grab the closest book, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence on that page. Don't mention the book's title in your post, but please do include a copy of the meme's rules.

Well, the *closest* book is Jill Thompson's Little Endless Storybook, and while it doesn't have page numbers, what I think it page fifty-two is an ad for Delirium's Party.

I'm not making this up. The line from the next closest book is:


It isn't about Monty Python. *grin*

Oh yeah! There's a tree near the barn that we were confused about. Originally, I thought it might be an apple tree, 'cause the unripe fruit smelled quite appley. But the ripe fruit didn't get much bigger than the plum-sized unripe fruit and was soft in a non-rotten way. They smelled like peaches, but didn't *look* like peaches. I thought maybe apricots. We cut one open and it had four seeds, not a stone. Eventually, Jeff took some to the Farmer's Market and they were deemed persimmons. Lovely! They're supposed to be best after the first frost...I hope I remember to gather some. :)


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