Oct. 25th, 2012

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Via [personal profile] darthgeek we have Kanye Wes Anderson.


An open letter to Ann Coulter. So well said.

It was lovely of him to take the high road and I honestly do admire him for it.

I'm not that nice. I say fuck her and everything she stands for. Remember that scene from Twelve Angry Men when one of the jurors goes on a racist rant and when he's done, the rest of the jurors turn their backs on him? I would like that kind of shunning to happen to hate filled people. I know, pipe dream, especially since there are some out there who agree with her. But you gotta start with a dream, or it'll never be reality.

And, of course, there are people saying she had the right to say it. Of *course* she had the right to say it. But freedom of speech is not, and hopefully never will be, freedom from criticism or freedom from consequences.


The World of Steam. Oooh, this looks *good*. I hope it is successfully funded.


Chicks in hats.


Charlie hasn't barfed for more than thirty-six hours. YAY!

Sam is feeling ill, but not horrible. Mostly tired, so she's curling up in the chair in the living room and relaxing. She's doing okay, and the only drawback is that we really won't have time to dye her hair pink for H'ween. But, we've still got the dye and she will have pink hair one day soonish.

Jeff has been laid low with his cold, actually taking time off from work. He's improving as well, especially since he went to the drug store and got the heavy duty decongestants. :)

And of course, I've a seal cough coming on {it is *So* annoying to hear "Kiss From a Rose" all the time}. Don't *care*...as long as everyone else is recovered enough, we're doing the various H'ween things and stuff for Jeff's birthday (which is Sunday) as much as we possibly can.


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