Nov. 21st, 2012

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The Thirteen Most Delightful covers of Muppet Magazine.


Abandoned Suitcases Reveal Private Lives of Insane Asylum Patients.

This is so *interesting* and sad and not sad at the same time.


Alec Baldwin has this podcast, Here's The Thing. He's not the greatest interviewer in the world, but the show with Billy Joel is hilarious and worth a listen even if you don't like either of them.


*sigh* Charlie keeps getting up before any of us, coming downstairs and usually messing with stuff in my studio (which can't be closed up). The place she isn't supposed to go unless I'm in here. And we can't figure out how to stop her. It seems like she gets up, comes down here, does stuff and then goes back to bed. She can climb over gates, can't lock her in the room (remarkably dangerous, as it's a key lock *and* I hate that idea) and tying her to the mattress isn't an option. We talk and talk and explain and take things away and *nothing* works. I'm really close to having her sleep in our room for a week, but it'd probably just start up again. Bah.


If I don't post tomorrow, Happy US T'giving to them who celebrate it and a very merry Thursday to all. :D Love you. Mean it. Really.


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