Dec. 12th, 2012

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*squee* Mo Willems Pigeon in Lego. With building directions.


Charlie's birthday was lovely. She got some great stuff that made her so happy she'd scream with joy and run in circles. I sometimes wish I could just set up a video camera in the corner to record events like this. But I'm hopeless at getting *pictures* edited and up. I've no hope of doing video in a timely manner.

We had mac & cheese, corn dogs, applesauce and beans for dinner. The mac & cheese was shaped like Phineas & Ferb and she *loved* this idea, even though none of use were able to actually id anyone using the pasta pieces.

And then I got a headache that won't leave me alone. The only way I can explain it is that it makes my skull feel delicate, like one touch and it'll crumble. It's nowhere near as much fun as it sounds.

Thus, I will be making her cake today. Didn't get *everyone* for the top, but got a good majority and a couple stand-ins, including Wreck-It Ralph, who gets to be on top of the cake with no argument. *grin*


Happy 12/12/12. :)


George Takei On Teaming Up With Archie's Kevin Keller.


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