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So, the whole epic trick-or-treat thing? Yeah, that didn't happen.

We all tried very hard to make it happen. But, frankly, we're all still sick and moving slower than usual, there were a thousand things to find (even if I thought I put everything in once place) and for some weirdass reason, trick-or-treating in downtown Berkeley Springs ended at eight. And we couldn't find any houses that were lit up for trick or treating. Well, we could, but one in five isn't a very good ratio and getting Charlie in and out of her seat for one house, driving a mile to the next one and repeating didn't seem like a good scenario.

But, now we know and, if we don't get sick next year, we'll know exactly what to do. We should also be able to do Air & Scare (the Air & Space Annex does a really cool H'ween thing the Sat before the big day) and the mall trick or treat nights as well.

We were all bummed, but not horribly so. The girls were surprisingly fine with how things worked out. I mean, they *were* sad, but there were no tears, no whining, none of it. Very happy.

They requested that we find somewhere for dinner, so we went to Denny's. They enjoyed the attention their costumes brought (and Charlie didn't complain that people were looking at her. I'm not sure what that's about, honestly). When we got home, I took lots of pictures of them, and Charlie trick-or-treated from my office. She was happy with the handful of tiny Teddy Graham bags, and returned them later so I could do it again.

It was actually kind of a nice night. Even if I did cough for five or six minutes straight after we got out of the restaurant.

Oh, and we finally found Charlie's Bat was where I *did not* put it and where she wouldn't have put it. So, I dunno. But, I have it. Didn't have time to sew handles, so I pinned the purple bag inside the yellow bag, with the diaper pins I keep to quickly take in her pants. I was way too proud of that. :D


John Scalzi and I feel much the same way about Disney buying LucasFilm. Also, good on George Lucas for giving his profits to charity.


And then I went and slept the day away. Which is why you're getting a double entry. You're welcome. *grin*


Ludwig van Joker.


Last night, Jeff and I were talking about Charlie's birthday in code. It was driving Sam a little nuts. "Why don't you just text each other?!" "Because this is far more fun." I impressed him with "Charles fromage" when we were talking about Chuckie Cheese, and we referred to Charlie as Secondo. We still don't quite know what her "big present" will be, but we've got some leads. And, honestly, it was fun bugging Sam a bit too. *Grin*


I would love to know why I get weird little hiccups after I cough for a while. I mean, I can figure out the physical aspects, but I've been coughing my lungs out for years and the weird little hiccups are new.


Shelley Miller, who has been creating murals and graffiti pieces made entirely out of cake icing on walls all over town.


The New York City Marathon Is Not Post-Sept. 11 Baseball, And More Reasons To Cancel.


Love today's shirt woot.

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