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Muppets sequel update.


Tangentally related, this rubber chicken is named after Camilla. She's also a seriously cool rubber chicken who works for NASA.


The Real Scrooge. Very interesting.


Notes From the Frontline: Well, Search Me!.


Star Talk lifts off.


I spent yesterday mostly offline, checking in occasionally on my ipod. I'm overjoyed that the president was re-elected, that marriage equality is on the rise and that many of the people I was hoping would win in house & senate races *did*.

But, for me, beyond everything else (and there was so much else), the most important thing is that, no matter how many times we change health plans/providers, Charlie will never be without insurance.

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Yes, I love Camilla.

And yes, on the searches. A relative was strip-searched once in the middle of the concourse (snippy with security?) and' searched again on the way to her flight back. Which she was on, and searching for chapstick in her purse, when she found the 8" sewing shears that had been in her bag the whole time.

And hurrah for insurance that has to *cover* something.

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Hee! Camilla has some stratospheric competition.

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"Well, Search Me!" confirmed a lot of suspicions I've had.

I thought of Charlie today as I adjusted her picture on my bulletin board, and did another little squeeful dance over the election.