myschyf: (Giggly Owl)
myschyf ([personal profile] myschyf) wrote2012-11-07 04:03 pm

(no subject)

Muppets sequel update.


Tangentally related, this rubber chicken is named after Camilla. She's also a seriously cool rubber chicken who works for NASA.


The Real Scrooge. Very interesting.


Notes From the Frontline: Well, Search Me!.


Star Talk lifts off.


I spent yesterday mostly offline, checking in occasionally on my ipod. I'm overjoyed that the president was re-elected, that marriage equality is on the rise and that many of the people I was hoping would win in house & senate races *did*.

But, for me, beyond everything else (and there was so much else), the most important thing is that, no matter how many times we change health plans/providers, Charlie will never be without insurance.

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