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The Beatles Surprising Contribution to Brain Science.


Doctor Who Party Recipes.


October seemed to take forever, and here's November, flying by. Time is so weird.


*WOW*. We went to Goodwill last weekend and while we didn't find winter coats, we did find bunches of warm clothes, including a pile of jeans for Sam. One pair was from Michael Kors and the original price was roughly $130. We paid six. And they're in amazing condition. Woo. :D


A New York woman says her 14-year-old son was walking along a beach in Atlantic Highlands the day after Hurricane Sandy devastated the region and found 57 World War II-era love letters.

The letters chronicled the love affair of Dorothy Fallon and Lynn Farnham. They spanned from 1942 until the week before they were married in 1948.


OWS’s Debt Forgiveness Rolling Jubilee: A New Idea that was a Long Time Coming.


They found the white whale!.


And now, to make multiple pumpkin pies (both pecan and regular), do dinner (ham steaks, some sort of cheesy side dish, fried apples) and make myself lunch.
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Goodwill can be a real treasure trove, can't it? My latest acquisition is a pair of Liz Claiborne jeans. Even after I paid to get them hemmed at my local dry cleaners, they're still less than half the price they were new, and they're in great shape.

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that white humpback is so beautiful!

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I love, love, LOVE Michael Kors' designs. He is my new favorite. His clothes are so well made, if Sammi doesn't outgrow those jeans they will last for years. What size are they? Maybe she can send them to me if she does outgrow them. I wear a size 4 now.

Happy baking. I'm thinking of making apple/blueberry tarts this afternoon. I have some marvelous single tart pans calling out to me. Also some grannie smith & blueberries in the fridge that should be used soon.

love ya ~ Mum

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Ginger companions. *giggles*

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Wow! Great deal on the jeans!

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That Beatles/brain article was fascinating. Thank you for that. That makes complete sense.

Now I wonder about this: Music helps kids learn and retain math skills. I wonder whether learning math involves motor areas at all?

Says the armchair neuroscientist.

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Happy birthday, Sis!