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Thank you for the birthday wishes. :) They were much appreciated.

Yesterday was lovely. No big drama (not even from the nearly four-year-old), just relaxed and groovy. Exactly the way I like it.

Jeff had taken the kids to shop for gifts on Saturday (and was worn out when they got home) and they picked some of the niftiest things. Charlie got me a pair of pretty reading glasses and a Wonder Woman race car among other things. Sam got me a My Little Pony, blue glitter nail polish and a Monster High doll (pulling my small collection of creepyish dolls and my small collection of barbie type dolls together nicely).

My parents got me a Tardis cookie jar. It makes the Tardis sound when you close it. Or when you push the button on top. :D And Jeff got me some marvelous books (including Beth Ditto's autobiography), an Oscar the Grouch winter hat, a Jack Skellington ornament and Terry Pratchett's The Compleat Ankh-Morpork. Which is a book, but transcends book. And has a double sided map of Ankh-Morpork. Ny sent me a lovely postcard with a rainbow cake on it!

Do my family know me or what? And if you'd ever wondered if I was a geek or not, wonder no more my dear. *Grin*

I made nachos last night and didn't set anything on fire. I've also come to the conclusion that I will never make restaurant nachos. But I like mine. :) We were stuffed, so we're havin' cake tonight. After dinner. 'Cause if I didn't enforce that, we'd just have cake and be all queasy.


I'm happy. Not just with birthday stuff. I've been happy for a while now.

I'm somewhat afraid to mention this, but I really don't believe in curses or something awful happening because you mention it, and I'm going to damn well start acting like it. I have no trouble..."remembering" that I don't believe in magical thinking for good things, so why do I still have a bit of a block on the reverse?

Anyway. Happy. Not sure why. Well, lots of reasons why, but not sure why my brain isn't getting down with it's seasonal depression bad self. But I'll take it. :)

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Happy Belated Birthday! And extra added yay for general happiness!

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Happy day!!!

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Tardis cookie jar?? Ooooh!

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Matt has that cookie jar. He keeps it in the living room. It is cute.

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*throws confetti in the air*

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oops, happy birthday!!

It's good to be happy :)

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Happy belated!

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Happy belated birthday!

Tardis cookie jar? Awesome! I used to have a Tardis usb hub that made the Tardis sound when you plugged things in.

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Happy belated birthday. :)