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The Thirteen Most Delightful covers of Muppet Magazine.


Abandoned Suitcases Reveal Private Lives of Insane Asylum Patients.

This is so *interesting* and sad and not sad at the same time.


Alec Baldwin has this podcast, Here's The Thing. He's not the greatest interviewer in the world, but the show with Billy Joel is hilarious and worth a listen even if you don't like either of them.


*sigh* Charlie keeps getting up before any of us, coming downstairs and usually messing with stuff in my studio (which can't be closed up). The place she isn't supposed to go unless I'm in here. And we can't figure out how to stop her. It seems like she gets up, comes down here, does stuff and then goes back to bed. She can climb over gates, can't lock her in the room (remarkably dangerous, as it's a key lock *and* I hate that idea) and tying her to the mattress isn't an option. We talk and talk and explain and take things away and *nothing* works. I'm really close to having her sleep in our room for a week, but it'd probably just start up again. Bah.


If I don't post tomorrow, Happy US T'giving to them who celebrate it and a very merry Thursday to all. :D Love you. Mean it. Really.
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Duct tape, since you can't tie her to her bed? Ya know, just spit balling some ideas here. :-)

Really no idea, other than hoping she grows out of it soonest and maybe putting things up where she can't get into them would take some of the fun out of it? Or mousetraps on the floor. Lots of them.

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Next time she goes in the studio, clear everything fun out of her room and set an extra early bedtime - No TV, no nothing after dinner, it's straight to bed. Do it for a full week and don't budge. Whenever she asks "Why?", keep the explanation simple, "Because you went into studio without permission" and leave it at that.

10 bucks says actions=consequences will hit home pretty quick and she'll leave your studio alone.

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I second this. Sometimes, talking to kids doesn't get through. But actions speak at 11. After being grounded to my room (no phone, no TV, no friends) a couple of times, I figured out how to keep my nose clean.
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This! The kid ain't dumb - she'll get it.

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I was woken from a sound sleep one night when my parents stormed into our room, ripped back the blankets, picked us up by the ankles and yelled "stay out of our room!" while they paddled us.

All I did was turn on the electric blanket.

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My point: you're already a better parent than I had.

door alarms, a foot-high rope across the doorway, a three-foot stack of empty cardboard boxes blocking the door with a couple cans of marbles on top.

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Have a happy!
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OMG that suitcase story is awesome!

Bah. My parents put in a 3/4 door to contain me. Hope she gets done with it soon!

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The suitcases reminded me of an exhibit I saw in the California History Museum in San Francisco - it was an assortment of suitcases that had been stored in the basement of one of the big hotels at the time of the Japanese internment during WWII. You could only take what you could carry, so these things had been left in storage, and apparently forgotten or abandoned after the war ended. But that exhibit was just the suitcases and trunks.

Re Charlie - we put screen doors up to keep the cats out of the kitchen; not sure if that would work or not.

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Hotel alarm on the outside doorknob of her door? It would go off and wake you any time she opens the door.

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Oooh. I'll look into that. :)

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I recommend that. Our daughter used to get up when we were asleep and steal stuff (she started at around 8), and that was the only think that worked. We could lock up a certain amount of stuff... but not everything.

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I had Muppet Magazine covers plastered all over my eighth grade locker. Including that one of Kermit as Springsteen and the Jennifer Connelly one. :)
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Some kids are just early wakers. I used to get up at 4am, make popcorn, and watch infomercials on TV. She's old enough that maybe punishments aren't going to work as well. Would it be feasible to get her a set of art supplies of her own (maybe the markers that only work on special paper)? That might keep her distracted enough that she wouldn't mess with your stuff. Maybe even set up her own mini-studio?

Otherwise, baby monitors and some sort of bell on her door would help keep you alerted as to her whereabouts.

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Wen gets up soonest and when she was little, we'd put in a movie for her and she'd watch it because she just wanted to be entertained by something and she couldn't read yet. So, is Charlie capable of entertaining herself with something other than your studio?