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As you've probably gathered, Charlie's going through another tantrum phase. From the struggles she's having, I'm thinking she's having a major developmental breakthrough. Which I'm *sure* will be lovely when it's done.

I've been googling to look for new ideas to cope with the screaming and yelling and throwing things (we do have a rule in place that if you throw something, it goes to Goodwill. Well, unless it's isn't yours of course. I don't know if it's much of a deterrent though). And if I see one more person write that anything other than a perfectly calm child should be immediately seen by a doctor, as the kid is obviously abnormal, I may have a tantrum myself.

Please don't get me wrong. Early intervention is key with a lot of problems. But I think the vast majority of kids have tantrums. I did, Sam did (dear ghods, did she ever), etc. It's like the times I googled waking up with a headache and 98% of the responses were basically "You have cancer". That was using US Google. I checked on UK Google and the advice was along the lines of "Have you tried a different pillow?"

I think Charlie's main problem is, she's too much like me. Stubborn as all hell and gets super frustrated if she can't get her point across. I've grown out of my tantrums (mostly). Hopefully she will too. Sam did (mostly) and I survived that with a lot less support.

I'd still like some new ideas, but frankly, I'm not sure there are any.


In other Charlie news, the alarm worked! She set it off twice and then went back to bed for a while. It's only the first day, but oh, it is *SO* good to come downstairs and see the things in my studio where I left them. The rest of the house too, but she seemed to target my place.


Frank Oz on the Colbert Report. Excellent.


The Rubiks Cube that Isn't. Which is not a sequel to The Bear That Wasn't.


Happy birthday, Louisa May Alcott. Love your work. :D

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