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A saga of trees and elves.


Sam and I were having a discussion about boy toys and girl toys and I asked Charlie about a purple car. "Is this a boy toy, or a girl toy?" "Dat *my* toy". And that's all that had to be said. *Grin*

Oh, I wasn't trying to convince Sam that toys could be played with by anyone. I was explaining why a lot of people thought they couldn't. She stated that it was a dumb idea. And I can't disagree.


Project NightNight. Oh hell *yes* I'm doing this. What a sweet and wonderful idea.


Congratulations to my cousin Kaila who had a little girl yesterday. She's not actually reading this (neither of them are *grin*) but congrats anyway.

I remember when Kaila was born. That's just weird. But in a good way.


Oh cool. Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing is being released to theatres in June of next year. Though, I don't remember anyone being killed, so I'm not sure what he's going to do to bum us out. ;)


The Saga of Riker's beard.

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