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The Axis of Awesome: 4 Chords Official Music Video .


It is an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun is out, the air is warm (71 degrees warm) and we've got the doors open.

Apparently, May & December exchanged a day. I should remember that when it snows right after Beltane.


Hey look, another reason not to give money to the Salvation Army. As if we needed more.


I'm at loose ends. Not sure what to write.

We're ramping up for Charlie's fourth birthday (MONDAY!). I've finally pinned her down as to the cake. She wants

A round cake with two layers, frosted in purple with pink around the sides. On top should be a 4 candle, regular candles and "Cinderella, the fairy godmother, Spongebob, Pooh, Tigger, a little pink car, DJ Lance Rock, Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Pluto, Brobee & a Care Bear"

She'll be able to have most of that. I cannot find a little DJ Lance to save my life (both he and Brobee are from Yo Gabba Gabba for the uninitiated), but I've told her that and she thinks she'll survive.

We're going to Chuckie Cheese on Sunday, 'cause she's determined to "Eat pizza at Chuckie Cheese an' play da games". Found some coupons too. So, all we have to do is survive. *grin*
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Remember when kids were presented with a cake without their input except chocolate or vanilla icing? (We were mostly yellow cake. Hmmmmmm...) Good on Charlie's knowing what she wants! (Four? Wasn't she just born like two years ago? Where does the time go?)

Remind me to pair the 4 chords with Pachelbel's Canon one of these days.

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Oh my God CHARLiE. That is a spectacular cake. I cannot stop giggling.

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Pictures needed!
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I love that song! *points to your music*

*laughs* I never thought of that! Snow in May, I dig it. ;)

That is an impressive cake! (And you are WAY too nice. *laugh*)

Love you.

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Chuck E, Cheese - gad I remember how thankful I was when mine outgrew that (I DO NOT do well with crowds or noise - and especially not in combination.)

That said - Happy Birthday, Charlie.

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How little? They have beanie baby type DJ Lance Rock dolls, but that wouldn't go on a cake, of course.

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Maybe two inches tall? Of course, it makes sense that there won't be any tiny toys of him, as he's usually much bigger than the others.

Now I *really* want a Dj Lance Rock doll. :D

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I've seen the plushes on Amazon, but they're like 7 inches.

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Hey, just a thought but are the two missing characters something you could model out of fondant - you know "sculpy" for cake decorators? You can buy it already in colors at Michaels. It is super easy to work with & for Charlie all you'd need is a rough representation. And I know you are adept at sculpting. Just a thought.

Love ya ~ Mum

Oh hey - did Sammi get the emailed silly/scary picture of me from GranPa Mike at Barry's concert last night? We were having some tom-foolery fun while waiting for the show to begin. Never leave two 'old farts' with time on their hands & an iPhone in a venue like HP Pavilion. (and you thought only teen agers could raise hell at a concert. *grin*)