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myschyf ([personal profile] myschyf) wrote2012-12-04 03:44 pm

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The Axis of Awesome: 4 Chords Official Music Video .


It is an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun is out, the air is warm (71 degrees warm) and we've got the doors open.

Apparently, May & December exchanged a day. I should remember that when it snows right after Beltane.


Hey look, another reason not to give money to the Salvation Army. As if we needed more.


I'm at loose ends. Not sure what to write.

We're ramping up for Charlie's fourth birthday (MONDAY!). I've finally pinned her down as to the cake. She wants

A round cake with two layers, frosted in purple with pink around the sides. On top should be a 4 candle, regular candles and "Cinderella, the fairy godmother, Spongebob, Pooh, Tigger, a little pink car, DJ Lance Rock, Mickey, Goofy, Donald, Pluto, Brobee & a Care Bear"

She'll be able to have most of that. I cannot find a little DJ Lance to save my life (both he and Brobee are from Yo Gabba Gabba for the uninitiated), but I've told her that and she thinks she'll survive.

We're going to Chuckie Cheese on Sunday, 'cause she's determined to "Eat pizza at Chuckie Cheese an' play da games". Found some coupons too. So, all we have to do is survive. *grin*

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