Jan. 30th, 2012

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Pop-culture enemies, hugging it out.


You tell 'em, Yankovics..


Awwwww. Robert Hegyes, aka Epstein on Welcome Back Kotter died.

I had such a crush on him. I think I had crushes on all of them. The Sweathogs, not Kotter. He was too old for me. (Yeah, they were all too old for me, even if they'd really been high school students. But that's just not the point.) I loved Welcome Back Kotter *so* much.


We did go see Hugo on Saturday. I'm *so* glad. I love going to the movies with Sam, and this one is a true masterpiece. It's like Scorsese (people who watched the SAG awards, not sure if you have to drink...it's text after all. If you really want to, read it out loud and then drink) took all the lessons he'd leared from every movie he'd ever made and used them in this one. It was magical, and he used the 3D *so* well. Not obtrusively, but as another element to build the world. We're going to grab it as soon as it's out on Dvd, but I'm really glad we got to see it "as intended" at least once.

We also got to see the trailers for Pirates and The Hobbit. That made it even *better*. :)


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