Mar. 26th, 2012

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Okay, here's something I don't understand.

The people who get all frothed up over another person's religion get twice as frothed up if the person has *no* religion.

Shouldn't it be better in their eyes, 'cause not believing in anything should be less horrible than believing in the "wrong" thing, shouldn't it?

I know. I should let it go. But I really don't understand the frothing people and every now and then, I try to.


As you may have noticed, Sam got an ipod for her birthday (I gave it to her early) and I've turned control of her journal over to her. This should be interesting.

Though, she's still posting everything under friends lock and I still have the password. She's only turning twelve after all. :)


There's a church down the street and around the corner from us. As we were heading out to the movies on Friday, I caught the sign out of the corner of my eye.

"God is Coming
Is the Son in your eyes?"

Couldn't get a picture (though, still hope to) 'cause I was laughing far, *far* too hard. Someone had to know, right? It's all just a giant practical joke, isn't it?


Getting to know Mister Rogers.


A New Set of Avengers Pics in which No One is Happy.


Oh, if anyone is playing DrawSomething, my usernames are Myschyf & Dandelion_Diva. Yeah, I don't even know why at this point. But, there ya go. :)


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