Jun. 25th, 2012

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We're all doing so much better. Charlie's eyes are perfectly fine, Sammy's flu is down to a cough and Jeff isn't coughing much at all.

I'm still stuffed up (I know, it surprised me too *grin*), but my ears are mostly unclogged and tea takes care of my throat for a while. Which is good, 'cause my voice is *rough*. But at least I can hear well enough to know how loudly I'm speaking.

Now I have to make sure I remember that I'm not 100% well and cannot do all the stuff that fell by the wayside while we had the plague. It'll get done, of course, but not all at once. I'd rather be driving myself nuts than get dizzy and fall over or something.

Yesterday, I had a very interesting experience with a squirrel I've named Mr. Burns. Later found out Mr. Burns is female, but we don't care, Mr. Burns and I. I've got pictures and will detail the whole thing, but I have to edit the pictures and explain to Charlie what's going on in each picture, even if some of them are nearly identical.

Hope y'all are healthy and doing well. Till tomorrow, please enjoy this list of Eleven Amazing Thank-You Notes from Famous People. The first is my favorite, possibly of all time.:)


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