Sep. 6th, 2012

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I love American Girl. I *really* do. Sam has a great time with her dolls, Charlie *adores* Baby Molly and that doll is *sturdy*.

But really? The newest historical doll is another white girl and blonde to boot? Really? Feh.


Oh yeah! Dinosaurs is available on Netflix Instant.


Jeff picked up yogurt at the Farmers Market last Sunday. Most of it is delicious...the maple is perplexing. I tried to like it...I do like maple flavored things. But while I didn't *hate* it, I wasn't enjoying eating it. Well, at least I know now. :)


Eighteen Round Pepperbox Pistol. I have no idea how accurate it would be and it looks difficult to fire, but you'd probably hit the target. At least once. Maybe even twice. :D


Orangutan for the win.


Couple finds a Sixteenth Century well beneath the sofa.

No, it's a real thing. Sounds like the beginning of a bloody interesting novel, but it's a real thing.


Love these rapping robots.


I'm not exactly sure what she's referencing, but Charlie patted me and said "Aw, you do good, Mama"


Good Morning America Host Wants to Know What Teabagging Is.

Should we tell her folks?! Also, worst advice ever comes at the end of the clip "You can google it later". Noooooooooo!
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Guess who's costume got here )


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