Sep. 13th, 2012

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Apple season! I love apple season. Of course, it's ruined me for grocery store apples. But it's here now and I'm very happy. :)


Via [profile] tamnonlinear we have this video from the Doubleclicks. Hollywood Raptor.


Charlie couldn't find her sandals and posited that someone had stolen them.

Sam asked "Why would anyone want to wear your sandals?"
Charlie said "Because they like dem! Evvvyone like dem!"

She eventually found them. Apparently, the theives wore them, then put them back. So, they're not so much thieves as polite borrowers.


Making traditional Georgian bread. This is so nifty.


Ariadne and the Science.


Both emblems are done and I'm sewing the sides onto Charlie's bag now. I'm hoping to get it done tonight, so that I can start on Sam's, which is going to be a bit more complicated. Not that I'm running out of time. It just *feels* that way.


I love this post about sexual harrassment by Jim Hines.

“Is flirting at cons now forbidden? When does flirting become harassment?”

Things people should have learned in kindergarten:
Keep your hands to yourself.
No means no.
If you seriously can’t tell the difference between flirting and harassment, I strongly suggest you do neither until you’ve worked that out.


So, while I haven't seen his solo movie, Chris Evans Capt. America really annoyed me in the Avengers flick. But, I liked the other characters and I *wanted* to like him. Thought about it for a while and think the best plan is to see him as a human Sam the Eagle.

See?? Muppets make everything better. *Grin*


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