Oct. 15th, 2012

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I heart David Byrne.


Mice can learn to sing together in harmony.


Endeavour in Extreme Detail.


I am about halfway through the last season of the original Upstairs/Downstairs. It's very interesting because there were five seasons, but it feels so much longer, because they take leaps through time. If the first title card has a year on it, they've jumped forward at least a year and sometimes five or more. If it doesn't, then it might be the next day but is usually a month or more.

I've noticed that they say "Don't think about it anymore" or "Put it out of your mind" a *lot*. Especially when something bad happens. Not like WW1, but still kind of big bad stuff. And every time I feel like yelling "That is *NOT* how it works! If something terrible happens, you can't just go "Lalala, I'm not thinking about it" and have that be the end of it. Brains love to pick things apart, especially horrible things and if you try to tamp them down, they will explode eventually.

They do touch on this a little, but not *really*. I wonder if people in the teens and twenties of the last century in the upper class in England really advised people to ignore bad stuff completely, and if they did it quite a lot. The show seems quite well researched, and they could totally have asked people who were there as well. At least, it seems well researched from here, about a hundred years in the future.


Busy weekend. We went to Ikea on Saturday, where Sam and I, while trying to take a shortcut while Jeff and Charlie took the cart up and around the store, ended up basically circling both floors. I posited that we were actually dead and this was some sort of purgatory. She asked "Like the Doctor Who ep?" and we had a discussion about whether or not that was actually purgatorial, as the characters weren't dead at the beginning (see how I'm avoiding spoilers for people who aren't caught up on last season? *grin*). We were very good. Neither of us whined much, nor did we collapse for a nap on any of the lovely beds we passed. It wouldn't have been whine or collapse worthy if we this hadn't been our second complete trip around the store. Eventually, we did find Jeff & Charlie (of course I left my phone in my bag which was in the cart. *OF COURSE* I did) and life was happy again.

Then we had to go to Target to get a couple things for the girls' costumes as well as weird things like tennis balls for the dryer and slippers that have to stay at my desk, 'cause my dragon slippers are too wide for the stool I rest my feet on. But I didn't whine there either. *grin* And I did get slippers for both Sam and Charlie, which doesn't seem like a big deal unless you saw the slipper section...it looked like it had been ravaged by rabid badgers. Last time we were at Target, it was too warm to think about slippers, so I promised C that, if they were there, I'd get her the princess slippers she wanted. Not that small children have the ability to hear "If {thing} is there", but I had to try. Luckily, there were two pair of princess slippers. One that fit her so well her toes were poking against the fabric at the front and one that was one size bigger than required, but she could still wear. I told her we could totally find her other slippers, but she was into the too big ones, so that's what we came home with.

Yesterday, we did the pumpkin ride at Orr's Farm. It was at least as much fun as last year. I got a great picture of Charlie holding the pumpkin she'd picked out her very own self. Which is now kind of fake, given that she put that one down and got another. Oh well. I won't tell if you don't. *grin* Got some veggies and cider doughnuts at the farm store, along with half a bushel of assorted apples. Oh, and peach cider, which is made from juice, unlike the scary cherry/apple cider I didn't check the label on last month. I'm pretty sure that's made of high fructose corn syrup, melted lollipops and evil. Jeff says that if you add enough ice, it's not *that* evil. They should put that on the label. *Grin*

Today I got up when my alarm when off, rather than sleepily hitting snooze four times and then turning it off and falling back asleep for several hours. I bought a small alarm clock and it lives on the dresser across the room. I have it set for five minutes after my ipod alarm starts playing. If nothing else, it will get me *out* of bed.

Now we go outside to play, then I make furniture (got Charlie an easel with a paper roll as well as a table & chair. We also picked up a coat rack and a coffee table, because one of the legs mysteriously broke off of ours and I'm tired of having a stool and several books holding it up. We looked for one a couple other places, but just couldn't find anything we liked for a decent price), sew the handles on Sam's bag, finish the last fish and hopefully find Charlie's bag. Not only do I really not want to make another (especially since I'm pretty sure she took it and it's under a sofa or something), I don't think I have the right colors of felt. I also need to make a list of things I need to make. And, apparently, some people think they need dinner *Every* night. Jeeze. *grin*


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