Nov. 27th, 2012

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I will never understand why gossip/entertainment publications put people's ages in articles that have nothing whatsoever to do with how old they are. Birthday list? Yes, ages are fine. Someone's making a new movie and you're going to interview them? Me knowing they're forty-three or sixty won't change much.


*sigh* I've been biting my lips again. Better this bleeding. But it's driving me a bit batty, because it isn't a habit I can break. I do it in my sleep or just all of a sudden realized I'm doing it. *Bah*. At least I have lots of lip balm to help out after.


Got this door stop alarm for the girls' room. Hopefully, it will do the trick. I plan to half-close the door, so she *has* to move it to get out of the room and wedge it in. Luckily, Sam usually doesn't get up in the middle of the night, and I'll show her how to disarm it. When it gets here in the next couple days. :)


Really like the New Bruno Mars song. Sam loves it and can't wait for the new album. :)

It *really* sounds like a lost Police song.


T'giving dinner was delicious. The lasagna was truly amazing. It was so good I forgot I was the one who made it. The pecan tart was delicious, though the filling was a little runny. I'll have to adjust that.


Maya Beiser's version of Kashmir is drop dead gorgeous.


A beautiful answer to a hideous problem.


Sam and I were talking about Barbie and how I very carefully picked out the Barbies she had at the beginning (don't know why, they all end up naked and often with bad hair cuts...) and I realized that Barbie is much less of a problem now, because it isn't *just* Barbie out there any longer. There are a gazillion dolls of her height to pick from, so she isn't the only "normal". Cool.


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